Monday, September 21, 2015

Cleaning Mold from Bathroom Ceiling

Keeping mold out of your bathroom is a tricky task. It's hard to prevent mold in places that experience plenty of moisture and humidity on the daily. Still it is essential to remove mold as soon as you spot it. There are many reasons you want spores out of your bathroom. Not only does mold smell and look bad, it is a health hazard and it can damage your home. So, how do you keep it at bay? There are many store-bought cleaning products touted as mold removers but most of them are just as toxic as mold itself and you want them out of your way. The best way to go is to use your own ingredients (we use a little bit of bleach to do the trick though). At least you'll know what to protect yourself from. Here is how to clean mold from your bathroom ceiling.

Cleaning Mold from Bathroom Ceiling
Examine your ceiling

If you have spotted mold on your bathroom ceiling, it's a good thing to examine it before you start cleaning. Take a good look at the ceiling. If there is mold, there should be black or green spots of different sizes all over the surface or in one area of your ceiling. 

Prepare a solution 

The next thing you want to do is prepare a cleaning solution that will get rid of mold. It's best to put on a cotton face mask, gloves and goggles for protection. Also, make sure to open a window and close all vents off to keep mold spores from spreading. Mix 1/3 cup of laundry detergent, ½ cup of bleach and one gallon of hot water into a bucket. Stir well. Be careful. You don't want the solution to spatter outside the container.


The next step is to start cleaning. You may want to use a ladder to reach the ceiling. Be careful not to fall during cleaning. Take a clean sponge and soak it into the solution you just made. Scrub the affected area. Start at one corner until you work your way to the final spot.

When you are done cleaning, take another clean sponge and soak it into plain water. Rinse the ceiling. Turn on the fan and let it work for about half an hour. If necessary, repeat the procedure again. Even though the ceiling may seem clean, there still may be mold spores. What you need to do is apply a solution of borax and water onto the ceiling. Don't rinse. This step provided by Domestic Cleaners in Greenwich aims at killing all remaining spores and preventing mold growth in the future.

Additional tips

The fact that you cleaned all the mold in your bathroom doesn't mean that no mold will form in the future. Since your bathroom is constantly exposed to moisture, it is likely that spores reappear every now and then. Hence, you need to reduce moisture in the room. The first thing to do is to increase ventilation, whether you open windows or run the exhaust fan. The next step is to fix any water leaks that may be causing more moisture problems. And finally, be sure to clean your bathroom occasionally to prevent mold and mildew formation.

Additionally, if you regularly spray your bathroom ceiling with undiluted vinegar, you will prevent mold formation in the first place. Vinegar is very harsh on mold. While it may not be as effective in removing mold as other products, it still works wonders on keeping spores at bay. Prevention is the best cure.  

Hopefully, these tips will help you to keep mold out of your bathroom.  

"Anna is a young entrepreneur, living in London. She is experienced in the field of organizing, home improvement and home design. Feel free to get in touch with her via G+  because she loves to hear from her readers."

Monday, September 14, 2015

Essential car care caddy

Essential car care caddy

Since we love our beautiful - small family size - car , we like always to take care of it whenever we have time for that. We used to take it to the car wash stations whenever we feel it a little dusty or needs to be cleaned and washed. Buutttttt after having a little funny toddler setting in the car with all of these snacks and crackers we had to care about it a little bit more than before.

We like to wipe the dashboard , vacuum the floor and clean some stains on the seats from a time to time. And because my husband does a lot of driving in the morning and in the evening everyday, and because we go out sometimes in the holidays , a car care products and essentials caddy became a must.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cleaning mop and broom

When it comes to mop and broom I have to say that I don't feel my home clean enough if I still have unclean mop or broom. It makes sense to say that we want to clean our floor with a "clean" cleaning tools. cleaning tools are so thankful for cleaning our houses' floors, so they deserve a good cleaning routine after each use.

Mops are absorbing all the dirts and stains off the floor. This makes a good excuse for it to hold bacteria, dirts and germs that we don't want to keep it so far in our houses. On the other hand reusing the mops in this case will put the germs, bacteria and of-course the dirts back on the floors.

Sometimes an unclean mops creates a bad and mildew smell when using it which is absolutely against the feeling of a clean area. So to clean my mop I just start by soaking it into warm water with some detergent and start the process. This is my mop before cleaning.

Cleaning mop and broom

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An organized craft supplies area

Our craft section in the office room was occupying an Ikea BILLY bookcase in our office room. Last year I wasn't so excellent enough in taking photos and the DIYs were not so perfect from my point of view and now the craft area is a little empty and it has been put in hold for a while as we have a nice toddler running around and when it comes to a jewellery maker craft storage ... This is absolutely dangerous for my toddler.

 But I still like to show you the photos of how craft area was last year because I still remember how  it was so fun to organize such area. I am so into organizing craft supplies. I love the challenge organizing small things especially when they are so small, so pretty and so colourful. So let's take a look

An organized craft area

Monday, July 20, 2015

20 minutes decluttering challenge + New contributor to Sweet N Tidy

Today I would like to introduce a lovely new contributor to Sweet N Tidy. Anna Aamone,

"Anna is a young entrepreneur, living in London. She is experienced in the field of organizing, home improvement and home design. Feel free to get in touch with her via G+  because she loves to hear from her readers."

Anna talks today about a routine she suggests to help in clutter free. It is based on 20 min everyday concentrating on only one room pr area in house. I like these smart routines that takes a little time with a big results. So leave you with her.

20 minutes decluttering challenge

"Cleaning and organising the home always seems like a big challenge. Time is certainly one of the biggest problems, mainly because it is never enough. When you have million things to do, you have to plan every free minute you have, in order to finish with all tasks for the day. The cleanness of the home is certainly important, so you can't afford to neglect your responsibilities for too long. One way you can cope with the situation is to make a list with all of your cleaning tasks and combine them in a way, which will allow you to complete them all. Since it will be probably impossible to clean your entire house all by yourself for one day, you can plan a 20 minute decluttering challenge.