Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to start organizing

I know most of us always be excited when we see organized places and look to our messy home to be totally unsatisfied of our unhealthy environments. And we don't know where to start or how to begin.

A very good tip that professional organizers give is "It doesn't matter how to start". Just start, when you start you will get the power and energy to complete and going on and on until you get satisfied with the results. You can start place by place, closet by closet or drawer by drawer and so on. Or you can categorize for example clothes for a week, papers for a week, crafts for a week and so on.

The most important tips is whatever you start with is to follow these steps. Here you are some steps help you to start easily with no matter space came under your choice to start with:

1- Clear everything out 

If you are starting with a closet or a pantry cabinet , or even a drawer, first of all clear everything out from the space. this will help you measure the space, plan what to put inside and helps you in many other things.

2- Measure the space

Before you go to shop and buy storage containers or whatever system you choose. please have a few moments to measure your space dimensions. This is important because you don't want to waste your money in something doesn't fit in your space. Like unsuitable dividers , boxes or containers. Another extra tip here also before you go to shop for boxes and containers, have a look around your home finding useful things you can use for storage, think out side the box you can use so many things in unexpected usage. We will dig into those two points later in separated topics.

3- Don't keep things you never use

At the first look of the things you cleared out please donate or throw out  anything crashed, can't be fixed, you don't need, you have doubles of it or you will never use. Don't keep anything that is not useful for you cause it will take space with no need while another person deeply need it.

4- Make sense

This is an important step because too many people miss it .if there's a receipts in the craft drawer, or a business cards in the kitchen cabinet, some coins in the office drawer, please remove them into the right place. don't organize the drawer by making it nicely with the things that was inside and that's it. Put this right thing in that right place.

5- design your system

Before putting things back again to the space .. design the system to put things inside leaving 15% empty space for future storage. and remember not to make it too custom. Take your measures, choose a system to install and put whatever organizing products you need.

6- Organize It!!!

Only putting things inside is left .. Have fun!!

So, the above tips and steps are applicable to anything you want to start with. You can start with anything in-front of you. You may start with collecting 5 things you don't use and throw, recycle or donate them, and pick another 5 things and so on. It is just about the start. Don't waste too much time thinking where and how to begin just go through it.

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