Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A laundry labels' giude printable

I think it's time to talk again about laundry a little bit. I feel I did nothing in my day if I still have laundry piles in our laundry hamper. I like to divide laundry to white light dark and delicate. It's all about the laundry you have in the hamper. Right?

But there's something we all have to care about before doing laundry . Yes, you're right . Those mysterious labels in the back of the laundry pieces. In the past it was easier for me to try a little wash or some detergent to the piece of clothes rather than searching about the meaning of their labels on the internet.

But not any more. I made this laundry guide printable is very helpful in the laundry room. In helping to take care of your laundry this is awesome.

A laundry labels' giude printable
Download Now

Feel free to download this adorable printable from here. This really will help . No search on the internet any more for mysterious labels. No shrunken shirts or stretched  sweaters. No cloudy blouses or painted pants. Wohoooo..

So I  love to hear from you. How this handy printable effects your laundry daily duties? what were you doing when you see the labels before it. Leave a comment below and see you in the next post.


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    1. Thank you Erickah for the sweet comment. Please feel free to download it.

  2. This will definitely come in handy. Most of my stuff is wash and wear but we do have a few items that need extra care.

    Found you on Hump Day Happenings

  3. This is such a great chart! Thanks for sharing, this is really helpful!


    1. Thank you Celyn for the sweet comment. I am happy you likes it I hope it is so handy for you. Feel free to download it. Enjoy the rest of the blog