Friday, March 21, 2014

How to make mini display stairs shelves

One of DIY storage projects is  this gorgeous mini display stair shelves that I made for storing my beads jars. I have to tell you that I had much fun when I was working with this project. It was easy and you have it for free. I like the stairs shelves because they are easy to use and you can grab whatever you need with no time because you can see everything. Also you can easily grab what you need without any need to remove anything in-front. I show you how to do it. I have done my best in the next pictures to draw this for you :D . I hope they are helpful and clear.

How to make mini stairs display shelves

You need

1 - Any card board pieces.
2 - Cutter and cutting board.
3 - hot glue gun.
4 - Glossy contact papers.

Step you will follow

1 - Cut the cardboard as shown in the picture below. Let's assume you have the following depth for the space you like to add your shelves on. Measure the height of the space. Measure the jar height. You will have the height of the shelves to be height of the space minus height of the jar leaving extra 2 inches for easy use. Shelf width will calculated according to number of shelves you want to make. For here I made 3 stairs and used the ground as well. So I need to divide the space by 4. Each step is going to be half of the previous step. I promise you will understand more when you carefully see the picture below.

How to make mini stairs display shelves

2 - Collect the pieces of card boards as shown in the previous picture in the left bottom corner and glue them with the hot glue gun.

3 - Cover the body with the glossy contact paper as shown.

I liked using the glossy paper because it wasn't easy for the jars to fall down or to move while I am moving the shelves. They are secured in their places. If you are more interested, there's a big surprise in this stair shelves here.

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