Thursday, July 10, 2014

What makes Ramadan very special - part 1

Ramadan is very special month for Muslims especially here in Egypt because we used to eat and drink special foods, see special scenes and hear special sounds. These are not my pictures but I would like to introduce some items, scenes and things that we  used to see and hear in Ramdan. I will show you what makes Ramadan very special in Egypt.

The worships

Of-course the worships we do make Ramadan very special. People fast and this is one of the worships that really has benefits on the human body and it gives a chance to cure colon and stomach diseases as well as washing stomach and liver. People meet all at night to pray and after the prays they talk and know each other. This makes Ramadan very special because you meet your neighbors and friends every day at night to pray in the beautiful architecture Masjid.

Helping poor people is one of the main worships we all do in Ramadan. Helping others is washing your soul from selfishness and ego.

Ramadan bag (Shantet Ramadan)

It's a bag that holds some food like legumes, oils and rice. You buy it from the store with nominal proce and give it to poor people around your area. Shantet Ramadan is sure one of those marks of Ramadan.

The breakfast (Iftar)

Because all people have the breakfast at the same time. Families eat at the same time on the same table. All families members are grouping on the same table and eat. This breaks the habits of families who has kids who eat alone after training and a dad eats alone after work.

The date

Date is the very first thing we eat in the breakfast. It comes with several types. Dry dates and this is used in the dried fruits salad. Medium wet date (Tamr ) and this is eaten as it is and it is tasty and has sugars that gives you power to  enjoy the rest of your day. Also the very wet date type (Agwa) which we stuff some food with it.

What makes Ramadan very special

The type in the bags is dried date. The type in the yellow boxes is medium wet date and the type in the clear box is "Agwa".

The Beneficent Tables (Mawa'ed Al- Rahman)

If you are walking in the street and the Iftar time comes, you will see big tables everywhere around the streets that have food for anybody . You can set-down, eat and fill your stomach for free without anybody to ask you for money, who you are or where you are from. The only thing  you may be asked for is if you liked the food taste. Mawa'ed Al - Rahman makes Ramadan special month.


This is the meal we eat before the sunrise. We used as Egyptians to eat beans and yogurt. Beans because it is full of protein so you can feel full-stomach and yogurt to help you from being thirsty next day .

The bean station (arabeyet el fool)

This is like a very very old traditional station moving around in the street that has a man who sells the beans for Sohoor. you find some crowded near it every night and you may meet your neighbors there.

The Mesaharati

I couldn't  find an English expression for the guy who walks in the street at night before Sohoor and call you to wake up and eat your Sohoor before you miss its time. He calls everybody by his own name. Children like him because they like to hear their names called by Mesharati in the street.

Ramadan lamp (Fanoos Ramadan)

This is a beautiful light lamp that Mesaharati used to carry with him at night to lighten up his way while waking people up. But this was so many ten years ago and now Fanoos Ramadan became very traditional and used as accessories and children toys. It has beautiful designs and architectures.

Wait for me for the next posts to continue. I would like to hear from you. Your opinion, your feedback and your encouragement words. See you next post


  1. I am so facinated by the beautiful concept of Mawa'ed Al - Rahman. What a lovely way to build community and focus on each other. I'm also charmed, just like the children, of the idea of the Mesharati walking the street and knowing everyone's name and calling it out. How does he know all the names?

    1. I wish I could have some shots of Mawa'ed Al- Rahman by myself for you but in "Iftar" time I have to be at home to cook for my family. Mesaharati is already a simple villager from the same area. That's why he knows everyone's name . He also has a little small drum to wake up people and he has a special tone for calling people. We all like Mesaharati and we all share money to give him salary for the end of the month.