Thursday, March 27, 2014

I am inspired : Easy free bathroom organizer in no time

One of my quick projects I adore, is this simple shower organizer I have inspired from Real-Simple. While I was searching about bathroom organizers, I got some great pictures that most of them depend on drilling the walls which is not an option for me or for you if you are renting the house. I can't have too many holes in the walls everywhere specially for cabinets and shelves. So I had another options.

I am inspires how to organize bathroom free shower organizer

Yes exactly !! In my kitchen. This baskets tower I used for a long time to store onions and potatoes and I didn't realize that it has gorgeous baskets you can use anywhere else. I spent too many times thinking what else can I store in it ? I had nothing else to store here, and I missed to ask where else can I use baskets that I don't need. I removed the last basket and you can guess where did I  use it :D.

I am inspires how to organize bathroom free shower organizer

I removed it, and with a thick road I hanged this beautiful basket in an pre-installed hook in the wall to store all  my husband, my baby and my shower supplies. It looks beautiful, gorgeous and it is inexpensive. I didn't pay anything for it and I made it in no time without drilling in the wall. Isn't it look Sweet N Tidy :D?.

I hope this was helpful for you. Everybody has a adjustable basket towers somewhere. You can do it.I am waiting for your comments, questions, responses with pictures and projects and your feedback. Your responses will be the next talking center next time of-course.

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