Thursday, July 10, 2014

What makes Ramadan very special - part 2

Let's continue our talk about what makes Ramadan very special in Egypt. 

 Ramadan food and drinks (Yameesh Ramadan)

This is an expression for some special foods we used as Egyptians to eat in Ramadan. Dried fruits, nuts and sweets are very common food to eat after Iftar. Let's talk about what makes Ramadan very special and  I will introduce some of items, expressions and things that used to be in Ramadan.

What makes Ramadan very special

Ramadan cannon (Madfa'a Ramadan)

This cannon is very old tradition that is executed when the Iftar time is up and we used to hear it since years ago. This is called the sound of Ramadan. when you hear its sound you know its time for the breakfast with the sound of Athan.

Konafa man

We liked the Konafa man since we were young. We like to watch him making konafa circles and the irresistible smell comes out from his tray.

Atayef man

This is a kind of sweets that is very similar to pancake. It is baked and stuffed with nuts and honey. It is very tasty and this is called the taste of Ramdan.

Ramadan drinks

Karkade, Tamarind, Khoshaf, Amar Eddin, Errisoos and Sobya. These are the Arabic names of special drinks and salads we eat and drink in Ramdan during Iftar. I will make some recipes for these drink very soon so be waiting for me.

I hope you liked the post and wait for me for more traditions and traditional recipes. Thank you for reading. See you next post


  1. How facinating. I'd love to be able to try some of these treats some day. What is the Konafa man making that smells so good? I'm looking forward to seeing the recipes you'll be sharing for the drinks.

    1. Konafa man is doing a special liquid dough and pour it in special way like the image shows. It looks like a hair of dough at the end. I will share the recipes of these soon. I will also share the recipe for tamarind very soon because I adore it.