Monday, July 28, 2014

What makes you hate laundry

Laundry means a pile for everybody. I have to say the truth. Like most of us, I hate laundry. I used to have a pile of laundry all the time. I always have the same problem with my baby that he has  nothing to wear after all his clothes dropped  in laundry basket screaming for wash. I have to spend two or three days getting rid of laundry pile every week with hard working washing  machine and no extra space to hang out the wet clothes.

I live in a good weather environment. Dryer for us is an accessory that we will never think of when we buy home machines because we already have a good, hot and shiny weather to dry clothes . The washing machine already rinse the clothes up to 70% dryness or more. We hang the 70% wet clothes in balcony for fresh air and  shiny sunlight killing germs. Sounds good, but I still hated the laundry. Before I go to my problem let me think about what makes most of women hate laundry and have pile of it.

Bad weather

If you have a bad weather in your environment, it means that you will not make your laundry for today. This is an easy solved problem by finding a room in your home that has a good amount of natural light and with internal rack you are done.

Too lazy

I have to stop here to think about the reasons make you feel lazy about the laundry like :

Long process

We all think that laundry takes forever to be done. Very long process to be run. drop clothes in laundry basket, divide them, check pockets, wash them, dry them if you have dryer, hang them, collect them, fold them, iron them and put them in closet, them, them them ... lol . Sounds too many steps with them. This frustrates you as any long process to do in home.

Heavy washing basket.

If you have a pile of laundry which looks like weights in your hands, you will be the most frustrated wife in the world. You will spend the whole day washing clothes with long programs in your washing machine. They are too many and you are too busy.

uncleaned balcony or laundry room.

If you have balcony  that's full of dust or a messy laundry room, this will be a main reason to make you hate laundry. It is just because sometimes we ignore the balcony as if it is not a part of the home. Like it is outside and always full of dust and it takes a long process to clean.

So how to make it easier and overcome these problems? here you are some tips

Overcome bad weather

As I said if you have a bad weather like one or couple of days, dry your clothes over an internal rack. If you have bad weather most of the time, dryer must be added to your laundry room if you don't already have one.

Overcome the heavy baskets

Sometimes you are in a hurry and bring some clothes to wear from the closet, wear them and you change your mind or you will not wear them for any reason. After a while when you organize,  you will not be sure is this is uncleaned or what and it ends up to be in the laundry basket. Have a moment to drop them in a place you know, instead of throwing them in the ground. Same goes for work clothes you wear for one day. Just hang them into fresh area and they will return like new. Don't think it is easy to put all clothes around you in
the laundry basket. Plus I will share with you my routine that overcame all of problems we mentioned above in the next posts.

Overcome uncleaned laundry room

Don't  ignore your balcony. Treat  it as a part of your living room. Clean it whenever you clean your home. Also make your laundry room a beautiful place for you like adding some frames, plants or table with a flower vase. this will motivate you for going to balcony or laundry room too many times.You are done.

I like to hear from you . what makes you hate the laundry. On the other hand if you don't hate laundry tell me why do you like it. What makes you like it. I am waiting for your feedback and comments. See you next post

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