Monday, April 27, 2015

Tasty meal in 10 min

Baking is one of my fun challenges I really love, specially when it is in the very early weekend morning. I love the smell , the atmosphere and the warmness coming from the oven. It feels so family time. Right?

This beautiful pastry took only 10 minutes to prepare.

Tasty meal in 10 min

 The secret of this pastry depends on a fact. The more liquid dough you make , the more active yeast you have. So the half of the flour amount has to be added to the full amount of the water with the yeast and sugar as a start. Then leave the yeast to work with the sugar for 10 minutes before shaping the dough.

Tasty meal in 10 min


This amount is enough to make couple of braids.

2 1/2 cups of baking pastry flour.
1 cup of warm water.
10 gm or 1tbsp of dry yeast .
1/4 cup of oil or butter.
1/4 cup of sugar.

How to do it

1 - Add the half of the flour amount ( 1 1/4 in this case ) with the whole amount of water (1 cup) in a big bawl with the yeast and the sugar and mix very well.

2 - Leave the mix for 10 minutes in a dark and warm place.

4 - After that, add the oil or the butter and the other half of the flour amount and mix until you get non sticky dough. This may require a little bunch flour or a couple millimetres of water according to the flour you use. Don't worry if your dough sticks a little bit.

5 - Turn on your oven to 180-200 degree.

6 - divide the dough  into two parts. Take each part and divide it into three medium tubes and create a braid. Attach the end of the braid with the start of it. Put it in a baking tray.

7 - This is optional step. If you want the dough to have more and more size. Turn off the oven and leave your first braid into it to enlarge while you are preparing the other braid.

8 - Bake in 180-200 degree for 15 minutes for each braid.

9 - Turn the top of the oven on to create the brown top. You don't have to add egg or coffee or anything.

This beautiful pastry called "Shoreek" in Egypt. It is great as a breakfast or dinner. You can see how cottony and fluffy it is from the inside.

Tasty meal in 10 min

I really love it. I also bake this beautiful pastry whenever we feel hungry or between meals. Easy and fast. Try it and tell me. I like to hear from you. Leave a comment if you want more easy and simple recipes for dinner, breakfast or snack. See you in the up-coming posts.


  1. What a beautiful loaf! Love the braiding. Thanks for stopping by and sharing this recipe with us - you're featured this week on Five Friday Finds! I'm looking forward to what you share this week. :)

    1. Thank you CJ for stopping by and leaving this beautiful comment. Thank you for featuring me. I always happy to party with you.

  2. 10 minutes?! Really? My mouth is watering just looking at your photos. And congrats on your feature with this recipe.

    1. Thank you Susan. I am also happy my receipt is featured. Yes only in 10 minutes because the yeast is more active in liquid warm environment. You also can leave it before the oven step to double if you like it more fluffy. I am looking for your try of this.