Saturday, May 24, 2014

TV side-table organizing

How nice is it  to think of new use for something you have around your house and you find it perfectly fitting your demands. This was a desk organizer as you see. But I used it for organizing TV remote controls and TV guide. It fit perfectly my stuff there next to the tissue paper box and ashtray that we use it for small garbage. We don't smoke but I admit I have cutest ashtray ever!!

Living room organizing TV side-table organizing

I like it. It holds my TV, receiver, DVD and HDMI controls. It is wooden and super cute and has pocket for each one with bigger pocket at the back holding the TV guide.

Living room organizing TV side-table organizing

What I wanted to say is to think outside the box of a new use for things around your home that you don't use or you don't need. Don't go directly to supermarket spending your money in buying baskets and bins while some containers in your house try to find something to do. Think of what else can I use this for. What else can I store in this. What looks like this shape that fits here. etc..

I will make you some tips on how to keep your living room clean most of the time however busy you are. Wait me for the next post. I hope you liked this post and found it useful for you. Waiting for your feedback responses and comments. If you like to share any  organizing project I will be glad to share it here in my blog. See you next post.


  1. I think I have a few organizers sort of like this to try to use to hold the remotes.

    1. I am curious to see the results. Welcome Sue to my blog. enjoy.