Monday, July 20, 2015

20 minutes decluttering challenge + New contributor to Sweet N Tidy

Today I would like to introduce a lovely new contributor to Sweet N Tidy. Anna Aamone,

"Anna is a young entrepreneur, living in London. She is experienced in the field of organizing, home improvement and home design. Feel free to get in touch with her via G+  because she loves to hear from her readers."

Anna talks today about a routine she suggests to help in clutter free. It is based on 20 min everyday concentrating on only one room pr area in house. I like these smart routines that takes a little time with a big results. So leave you with her.

20 minutes decluttering challenge

"Cleaning and organising the home always seems like a big challenge. Time is certainly one of the biggest problems, mainly because it is never enough. When you have million things to do, you have to plan every free minute you have, in order to finish with all tasks for the day. The cleanness of the home is certainly important, so you can't afford to neglect your responsibilities for too long. One way you can cope with the situation is to make a list with all of your cleaning tasks and combine them in a way, which will allow you to complete them all. Since it will be probably impossible to clean your entire house all by yourself for one day, you can plan a 20 minute decluttering challenge.

There is no need to sacrifice your whole free time for the cleaning and organisation of your home. This special challenge will allow you to free every room from clutter and finally bring some order in the place for less time than you expect. You can do this challenge during the entire week, as well as focus on only one specific area and its cleaning. This is one of the best ways to take care of all of your cleaning chores without feeling stressed or exhausted all the time. Here is how you can plan and organise your 20 minute decluttering challenge:

Day1: Kitchen

It is a good idea to finish with the challenge before you have to go out and buy groceries. This way you will be able to inspect your fridge carefully and throw out all expired or bad food. You can also make a list with the things that you don't really use but continue to buy anyway. When you are done with the fridge, you can move on to the kitchen cabinets and drawers. In case you have more time, you can also clean the surfaces of the appliances and other areas.

 Day 2: Bedroom 

The closet is certainly the biggest challenge when it comes to your bedroom. Organising your clothes will probably take a lot of time, so in case it is necessary you can dedicate two days to the decluttering of your bedroom. It is better to start with the cleaning and organising of the places which require less cares like the night stands, the shelves and the drawers. Since you will have only 20 minutes, this will give you the chance to decide fast which clothes and shoes you have to keep and which you can throw out or donate.

Day 3: Bathroom 

In case you have a smaller bathroom, 20 minutes will be more than enough to clean it entirely. First, however, it is best to take care of all the unnecessary things you keep in there. Empty bottles of shampoos or expired products should be definitely removed, along with everything else you don't use but keep in the bathroom cabinets.

Day 4: Living room

The biggest problem in the living room will be the shelves. We all tend to put different souvenirs, small objects and various decorative elements which not only make the cleaning harder, but also take a lot of space. Inspect all problematic areas and move or throw out the things that don't belong there.

This is how for only 4 days you can declutter your entire home. As you can see, it is not necessary to dedicate whole days to the cleaning and organisation of your home. The most important thing is to make a plan for the week and stick to it. Before you know it, all rooms in your house will be clutter-free and you will have some extra space to arrange your new things."

The article is contributed and edited by SparklingCarpets N1


  1. I love any task you can accomplish in just 20 minutes! I actually might use this technique to make my way through my messy house this week!

    1. Thank you J.E. I hope this really helps and I am happy you liked the ideas. Thank you

  2. This is a wonderful strategy! And 20 minutes is completely manageable. Thank you so much for sharing these tips with us at the Inspire Me Mondays Link-Up!

    1. Thank you Bridget for the sweet comment. I am glad you liked it. 20 min daily. Organizing really is a life style.

  3. Anna, you have beautiful and useful tips to share. Please keep on writing and helping people with your experience.


    1. Thank you Sweet! Expect more from me soon (: